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 Dallas Kick Boxing

Dallas Kick Boxing Private Instruction

Take your Health and Fitness to the next level with Dallas Kick Boxing Trainer, Daniel Crouch as you enjoy one of the most exciting and stimulating ways to exercise while enjoying substantial results.


With 8 years of experience as a personal trainer, martial artist and wellness counselor, Daniel Crouch has created a highly effective fitness program to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds release stress, sharpen self defense skills and enjoy the sensational art of Kick Boxing.

However, exercise is only part of the life changing program. Since nutrition plays such an integral role in any athlete’s performance, Fit Chef Lindsey, will ensure that you have healthy, great tasting meals that will heal you from the inside-out. Together Daniel and Lindsey will customize a wellness program that includes the highest quality fitness and nutrition services available. 

Daniel Crouch


Call or email Daniel today to schedule your first session



Workout Videos

Traveling Exercises - Pool Aerobics


Traveling Exercises - Elastic Bands 

The Perfect Pushup 

Medicine Ball Workout 

The Perfect Lunge

Next Evolution Protein Powder

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